If Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is about an intelligent approach to networking, we have this innovative approach running through our veins!

The network is the foundation of every business. Look at the network and the opportunities it offers in an innovative and more holistic way.

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Digital ready infrastructure

Cisco One Clients

Security policy

Sofware Defined Access Cost Reduction


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Realise this opportunity by selling cisco one and the new catalyst 9K series

With Cisco and Ingram Micro by your side, deliver network solutions powered by intelligence.

The network and developing technology is rapidly transforming the way customers do business today and is the lifeblood for how enterprises remain agile, keeping up with tomorrow’s needs.

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Business owners rather than IT personnel are driving IT spend based on improving business efficiency and productivity.

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It takes 3 months to discover malicious breaches

40 %
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By 2020, 40% of organisations will be affected by technology advances, shifting in market dynamics.

*Gartner estimate

Devices and processes are becoming more network-connected and complex with cloud accelerating this trend, and opening up organisatiions to the growing risk of security breaches.

CISCO's Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

With over 22,000 enterprises having signed up to DNA, we now have access to a huge customer-base to deliver real time insight, automation, personalise experiences and assurance.

Our new software-led strategy is designed as a single network fabric and has been fundamental to capturing new digital opportunities and helps give greater visibility to customer network environments.

DNA Center is at the heart of this initiative!

With Cisco network solutions and Ingram Micro’s expertise, we can help turn business intent into business results... instantly!

Help your customers' networks reach their full potential.

Measurable Business Impact
Greater Productivity
Improved Security
Lowers Cost

Make sure your customers’ IT networks keep on the pulse of technological development and stay ahead of the competition.

Are your customers ready?

Carry out a customer assessment


Once customers have their assessment score, use this to understand their network health and be sure to take advantage of Ingram Micro Professional Services

With this turnkey solution, our highly trained engineers can be deployed to conduct a full on-site assessment, which you can then use to make recommendations for their digital transformation.

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Cisco Catalyst 9K Series Switches

Build to facilitate software innovation


Flexible to deliver future proofing


Linux-style operating system


Next generation of stackable switches


Single operating system


Consistent experience for the customer

The first industry solution that views and detects advanced persistent threats across all traffic and segments from users to applications in the cloud. - help customers migrate to this new generation of switches today!

Pitch Catalyst 9K
Pitch Catalyst 9K

Remember, every Cisco switch, server rack or piece of software you sell creates an opportunity for more services revenue for Partners.

Discover how Elements Support Suite an help you increase recurring revenue!

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Subscription Based Services Matter!

Introduce your customers to constant innovation while giving
you a source of recurrent revenue.

Customer Benefits

  • Access to latest software features
  • Up-to-date security protection availability
  • Software updates independent of hardware
  • Assists CapEx to OpEx budget spending shift
  • Enhanced agility with license portability
  • Spend based on business requirement to allow easy budgeting

Partner Benefits

  • Continuous revenue-per-deal opportunity
  • Easy-to-sell giving added revenue opportunities
  • Become a valued technology ‘guru’ for customers
  • Align customers to Cloud and SaaS strategy trends
  • Tap into OpEx budgets and cost centers
  • Build customer trust to help land deals faster

Customer Benefits


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Partner Benefits


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Maximise every opportunity!

Learn more about our subscription based services and how they grant access to constant innovation and are a source of recurrent revenue for you.
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Understand how this new approach to networking can help your customers and you!

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