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Elements Support Suite

Our support service contracts are
more than just a piece of paper!

They’re a safety net to ensure your customers IT infrastructures
remain secure, problems are solved quickly, help improve operational efficiency
and reduce the risk of downtime.

Elements Support Suite helps you up-sell and realise the full potential of every sale.


Every Cisco server rack, switch or piece of software you sell
creates an opportunity for more services revenue.

Increase Revenue

Selling Services increases the deal size, helping you make more money

Renewal and Refresh Opportunity

Create a recurring and highly profitable annual source of income from Services

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Minimize the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your customer investment


We support all Cisco Architectures





Ingram Micro. Your trusted partner offering a proactive approach to support services for your customers. Elements Support Suite is a cost-effective and robust solution for your customers business requirements.
Our market-leading and award-winning experts offer a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, supporting your customers no matter when or where they are... 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

    • Established partnership programs with Cisco for over 30 years
    • Access to Ingram Micro’s 50 years of experience within the IT industry
    • Open up a world of innovation and get up-to-date information on new products, services and project opportunities
    • Access to Ingram Micro’s industry-leading technical knowledge
    • Providing general product information

    • Rapid problem resolution with 24-hour global access to best-in-class Ingram Micro support team
    • Best-in-class technical support delivered by Ingram Micro and Cisco
    • Expert technical support engineers at hand for configuration, advice or assistance
    • Build-to-order and configure-to-order support

    • Mitigate security risks through software updates, helping keep your customer's business safe
    • Ongoing software support updates and major IOS upgrades
    • Periodic bug fixes
    • Keep software up-to-date with the latest functionality and feature updates
      • Software releases and supporting documentation will be made available from the Software Center

    • Hardware and software trouble shooting
    • Hardware advanced replacement up to 24x7x2 with on-site capabilities

    • Proactive remote health checks to guarantee network performance
    • Correlated security and product alerts to keep customer networks secure
    • Technical and incident alerts to improve up-time
    • Inventory collection for network lifecycle management


Here’s an overview of what’s included in the
Elements Support Suite package

Trouble Shooting & Device Diagnostics

Award-winning technical support from the TAC combined with advanced hardware replacement, online tools and smart capabilities such as the Cisco Smart Call Home service feature.

Level 0 and Level 1 Support

L0 Support enables you to log calls and assign them to the correct resource or technology team.
L1 Support provides general product information to resolve problems and inform the customer.

Cisco TAC and TAC Case

You can manage a TAC case including configuration status, serial number, contract number, service level and unresolved alerts.

RMA (Returns Material Authorization) Process

Hardware replacement defined as network services impacting problems that have been identified by the Customer as a TAC case.

Access to Resources

Up to 24-hour access to comprehensive self-help technical support resources available on

Up to 24/7 Customer Support

Other Cisco support levels also available.

To make sure your customers get the right expertize when they need it, we also offer a number of Enhanced Support options to create the package that’s right for their business.

(subject to regional availability)

Renewal Management

The IM ESS Renewal Management option enables you to quickly identify service contracts due to expire at various intervals, so that you can plan for renewals and identify budget requirements.

Health Check

Our customer network Health Check assessment includes recommendations to promote improvements in overall network health and performance. This is delivered remotely to the customer.

Collector Installation Support

With Collector Installation Support, the customer can discover and gather device-related data. The Collector can be installed either as a hardware or software option.

Network Analysis & Feasibility

The use of Cisco's network inventory and reporting tool set enables collection, analysis and provision of reports regarding end-user network information.

Inventory Report

Using an analytical tool set, Cisco are able to generate the Inventory Report. These reports are made up of collected end-user network information, product alerts and other such information as Cisco feel appropriate.

To find out which Enhanced Support options are available in your region, contact your Country Specialist

Take a look at the Interactive Guide that gives you all the key benefits of the Elements program and how best to position this to your clients.

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