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Announcing Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings


Earlier this year, we introduced the Cisco Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings – the first virtual, in-meeting assistant for the enterprise. Today, I’m pleased to share that, Webex Assistant is now available to Webex customers* for a free trial. Even more exciting is that you can combine the Webex Assistant and the Webex enterprise free trials for a full Webex experience. The Webex Assistant free trial is now available for up to 90 days and will be orderable June 24th.




We’re all having more virtual meetings than ever, not to mention juggling your home life and productively working remotely. Take it from the father of an 11-year old — figuring out how to balance work, parenting, and schooling, all from your house or apartment is no joke! It can be tough to not only schedule and run meetings but also take notes and follow up on action items. We could all use a little help, right? Imagine having your very own virtual assistant take some of the stress out of running a meeting!

Turn Talk into Action


The Webex Assistant is the first and only enterprise digital AI meeting assistant on the market. Think Alexa or Siri for the workplace. It uses voice commands to help improve your productivity and meeting experience. No need to take notes, capture action items, or find meeting controls. Webex Assistant provides real-time meeting transcription, highlights action items,and takes notes.


It also automatically creates post-meeting recap emails for you. Simply use voice commands like, “OK, Webex, highlight that” or “Okay Webex, take a note to send Karen the Excel file.” There are post-meeting features that let you search your meetings based on keyword searches, edit your transcripts, and share with your team.


The assistant turns your talk into action based on your verbal commands. It also has automated, real-time closed captions that make meetings even more accessible for hearing-impaired participants.

Assured Data and Privacy Security


And, as with every Cisco and Webex solution, you can rest assured that the best security and privacy standards are in place. Your data is always secure. All data generated by the Webex Assistant is end-to-end encrypted. Meeting transcripts are done directly within Cisco, so there’s no sending recordings to outside vendors for transcription, unlike other video conferencing vendors. The Webex recording and transcription process follows our strict security practices, with all data stored within the Cisco cloud, so your data is secure every step of the way. 


We’re excited to extend this free offer and see how you like it. Be sure to ask your Cisco Collaboration Partner or reach out to your Cisco Collaboration Account Manager to enable the trial for you.

Access the Ordering Guide to learn how you can convert your customers from trials to paid subscriptions or check out the Not for Resale Guide to unlock the power of Webex Assistant for your organisation today! 
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