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Working towards Net-Zero with Ingram Micro and Cisco

Sustainability is an important topic for businesses and customers alike, and at Ingram Micro we’re working with Cisco to provide our Partners with access to the great initiatives and opportunities that are available.


According to the Ellen McArthur Foundation, the circular economy can contribute towards tackling the 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be resolved by transitioning to renewable energy alone [1].


To kick-start your business’ sustainability credentials, Partners can now gain a Cisco Sustainability Specialisation. All that it takes to become specialised is to sit 2 exams at a cost of $80 per exam and to help you pass, there is a free E-Learning Course available on SalesConnect.


Once accredited, you can take advantage of Cisco’s Takeback Incentive. With Cisco committed to moving towards a circular economy and 100% product return for end-of-use hardware, there’s never been a better time to get specialised.

Not only does this incentive offer free takeback services for all displaced customer hardware, but you’ll also be rewarded with incremental front-end discounts of up to 7% on new products for customer refresh or migration opportunities. These discounts are also stackable with Hunting, Teaming, Global Demand Center and Fast Track discounts, so you can really maximise value on this great incentive.


Ingram Micro are also doing their part towards reducing product waste; since April 2020, an estimated 441,000 devices have been recycled and 179,000 devices have been refurbished [2]. As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, we committed towards reducing our waste-to-landfill and increasing our use of renewable energy [2].


To get started on your Sustainability Specialisation journey, visit SalesConnect or reach out to your Ingram Micro Account Manager for more information.




[1] Cisco launches circular IT payment solution to support customer sustainability goals -

[2] Ingram Micro ESG Report, 2021



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