Working together to create a sustainable IT industry

Since 2018, Cisco have been moving towards a Circular Economic figure. This has since turned into a commitment to 100% product return. Ingram Micro are working to help Cisco achieve this with help from you - our Partners.

  • 100%

    Cisco commitment to 100% product return and supporting the circular economy

  • Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization

  • 2040

    Cisco Net Zero by 2040

  • Cisco Takeback Incentive


Discover how Cisco and Ingram Micro are helping Partners drive profitability by positioning sustainability in the circular economy


Cisco pledges net zero emissions by


To help reach these sustainability goals, Partners can take advantage of Cisco incentive and specialization opportunities through Ingram Micro.

Customers are increasingly more concerned with adopting sustainable IT solutions. Help them achieve more sustainable IT consumption while selling more by positioning yourself as a sustainability expert.

Use the Cisco Energy Saving calculator to work out how much energy cost your customers could save by using newer and more efficient Cisco hardware and software


Your Ingram Micro team are Sustainability Specialized!

Environmental Sustainability Specialization

Get recognised for your commitment to the circular economy.
Business specialization that is focused on your sustainability practice and taking the pledge with Cisco and Ingram Micro to work towards a more sustainable future.

Why get specialized?

  • New customer conversation opportunities
  • Ensure you meet RfX requirements
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Expand your services offerings
  • Less than 15 hours of training and exams on product takeback and reuse, Cisco Refresh and the circular economy
  • Two preparatory courses are offered free of charge
  • The two online exams cost $80 each
  • Sign the pledge to support sustainability in your company’s practices

Specialization Requirements:

  • Open to all Registered Partners
  • Counts toward Select program level within the Cisco Partner Program, which unlocks more discounts and incentives
  • Get rewarded with exclusive access to incremental product discounts through the Takeback Incentive in participating countries
  • Use the free digital marketing assets to tell the world about your commitment to sustainable business practices

Plant A Tree Campaign

Cisco are running a Plant A Tree campaign until July 30, 2022 in which a tree will be planted for every employee that completes both of the Environmental Sustainability training courses in SalesConnect.*

* t&cs apply

Takeback Incentive

Get access to this incentive discount when you commit to returning used customer hardware to Cisco to be responsibly reused and recycled.

What do you get?

  • Up to 7% additional discounts on new products with base and accelerator discounts
  • Combine with hunting, teaming and Global Virtual Demand Center pricing
  • Maximum discount automatically applied to registered deals
  • Free take back services for all displaced customer hardware*
  • Both Cisco and Competitive hardware is eligible for return

Incentive Requirements

  • Environmental Sustainability Specialized
  • Must reside in participating country
  • Minimum of 1 Takeback Incentive deal booked within each Cisco fiscal year beginning FY23 (starts July 31, 2022)
  • Must meet minimum average return rate (80%) of all promised trade-in hardware, calculated quarterly

* certain restrictions apply

Selling Cisco Refresh

Sell into the circular economy.
Discover how you can incorporate Cisco products into your own circular economy with Cisco Refresh. Support customers by selling them certified, fully-warrantied pre-owned equipment at a competitive price.

Who can sell?

  • All Cisco authorised Partners are eligible to work with Cisco Refresh

Why get specialized?

  • Cisco Certified gear
  • All required engineering upgrades
  • 7,000+ products
  • Same Cisco warranty
  • Competitively priced with no hidden costs
  • Same Cisco security
  • All zero-dollar accessories included
  • SMARTnet-eligible

Supporting Sustainability Goals Blog

Read how Cisco Green Pay supports the circular use of Cisco’s sustainable technologies by enabling customers to enter the circular economy and helps them meet their sustainability goals.

Shift to Sustainability

Contact your Ingram Micro Account Manager to begin your sustainable IT journey today.
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