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Award-winning technical support service

Cisco's Smart Net Total Care Service is an award-winning technical support service that gives your IT staff direct, anytime access to Cisco experts and extensive Cisco.com resources. Cisco Smart Net Total Care is essential to keeping your business functions available, secure, and operating at peak performance. Networks are the lifeline that connects your customers to goods and services, and the effects of downtime can be significant; decreasing productivity, reducing customer confidence and losing revenue.

What your customer's get with Cisco Smart Net Total Care:

  • Global, 24-hour access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center for covered devices
  • Advance hardware replacement -- including 2-hour, 4-hour and next-business day options
  • Access to operating system (OS) software updates and upgrades
  • 24-hour access to Cisco online resources
  • Comprehensive, web-based user community for self-service support of smart capabilities
  • Proactive diagnostics and immediate alerts on devices enabled with Smart Call Home

Learn more about Cisco Smart Net Total Care.  

Why Attach Cisco Services?

Attaching Cisco Services offers even more than immediate high margins - it extends the scope and reach of your product-led engagements. Services offer a recurring revenue stream and the opportunity to provide complete and innovative solutions that offer more business value while increasing customer loyalty.

By including Cisco services as part of a complete solution, you can improve customer satisfaction while boosting profitability with new revenue streams.

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