Data Center

Modern Data Centers are complex and run a vast range of application software across the networks. They should be easy to run, keep secure, maintain and scale up as your business requirements evolve. Cisco and Ingram Micro can help integrate compute, storage and networking into a converged system allowing deeper levels of abstraction and automation

  • Technology Plays
    • Cisco UCS

      Einfach das Beste...Cisco UCS! Feiern Sie mit Ingram Micro und nutzen Sie diese enorme Partner-Chance!

    • Hyperflex Anywhere

      Cisco und Ingram Micro können dabei helfen, Computing, Speicher und Netzwerke in ein konvergentes System zu integrieren, um einen höheren Grad an Abstraktion und Automatisierung zu ermöglichen.

    • Cisco Intersight

      Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden ein anpassungsfähiges, Cloud-basiertes Infrastrukturmanagement mit analytikgetriebener Automatisierung für eine flexible IT-Bereitstellung und globale Reichweite in jeder Größenordnung.

  • Aktionen
    • FY22 Fast Track Promotions

      Our Q1 Fast Track promotions offer competitive pricing across a range of products, including selected C9100 AX Series Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, Catalyst Series Switches, Enterprise Routing well as Cisco Webex hardware, Nexus Series and more.

    • Cisco Nexus Switches: Optics Attach Pricing Promotion

      Discover Cisco Nexus Switches with the new Optics Attach Pricing Promotion available on eligible products, including N9000 & N3550.

    • Cisco Application Experience Bundle

      What is Application Experience Bundle: Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), cloud-based operations management, and workload optimization in a single platform. The bundle is simply to purchase, install and manage.

    • Lifecycle Initiative

      Better your relationships. Boost your revenue. The new Lifecycle Incentives program combines incentives and rewards you for driving software use, adoption and expansion. Help your customers make the most of their IT investments.

    • Cisco Shogun Reward

      Reward points toward Cisco learning credit in many EMEAR countries for tech seller. Enroll in the Cisco MDS Modernization Shogun Reward and earn up to 400,000 points for each completed MDS customer lifecycle with customer opportunities via OSM or Cisco direct.

    • Cisco SmartPlay

      Competitive, Affordable Cisco UCS, HyperFlex and Multicloud Solutions with SmartPlay Compute – Cascade Lake

    • Cisco Nexus and ACI Bundle Promotions

      Help customers achieve business goals while maximizing Partner profitability by leveraging special Nexus, ACI, and MDS bundle promotions.

    • Cisco Capital Offers

      Leverage Cisco Capital offers like easylease and Easy Pay which provides Innovative funding possibilities that can scale to accommodate your business needs.

    • Ignite the Mid-Market

      Offer your customers the right product at the right price and start benefitting today!

    • Account Breakaway

      Break into accounts by leading with Cisco - Unlock the highest promotional discounts on our technology when you break into new and existing accounts. Actively create and register new customer opportunities on HX, ACI, UCS & Nexus.

  • Zertifizierung
    • Express Specialization

      Express Specialization consists of six tracks and uses a new flexible application process.