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Find new opportunities to sell Cisco Meraki and reveal your best business.

As part of our commitment to supporting your CMSP (Cloud Managed Service Provider) journey, discover more ways to grow your Cisco business through the Cisco Meraki Remote Work Campaign.

  • Ingram Micro will provide you all the sales materials and marketing assets to launch a personalized online demand generation campaign.

  • All Materials can be customized with your company logo, company data & value proposal.

  • Remember, all marketing activities could be eligible to be funded through Cisco MDF.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Increase revenue with superior and differentiated services

  • Capture market share by being the first to market with innovative services, exceeding customer expectations and minimizing churn.

  • Launch services faster by accelerating proof-of-concept testing and empowering sales teams with an intuitive cloud management GUI.

  • Delight customers with a fully operational service that can be self-installed or deployed by a low-cost technician within days of ordering.

  • Reduce operating costs and time with best-in-class cloud management, while expediting case resolution with remote troubleshooting.

  • Maximize margins and create additional revenue with existing Meraki hardware, e.g. tailored services via APIs or public Wi-Fi and managed business Wi-Fi using the same APs.

A platform for managed services

  • Easy to setup, leading to quicker services launch and reduced time to market.
  • Lower cost for Service Providers to remotely monitor and manage any number of distributed customer deployments with dashboard.
  • Simple provisioning of network elements for added customization, differentiation, and business value.
  • Trusted in service offerings globally for customers of every size and industry.
  • Ongoing product and feature development providing a rapidly expanding list of value add features.

Meraki Remote Work Campaign

Cisco Meraki Products

  • Wireless (MR)

    Powerful, centrally managed indoor and outdoor APs, scalable from small to high density deployments.

  • Endpoint Management (SM)

    Locate devices, deploy software and applications, deliver content, and enforce security policies in a matter of clicks.

  • Security (MX)

    Centrally managed security, networking, and application control make it easy to deploy protected and interconnected multi-site networks.

  • Insight (MI)

    End-to-end visibility into end users’ experience on the network, significantly reducing the time to isolate network or application problems that lie beyond the LAN.

  • Switching (MS)

    Bulk configuration changes, automatic firmware updates, and remote troubleshooting reduce complexity and enhance network visibility and control.

  • Security Cameras (MV)

    Built for simplicity with remote viewing, integrated analytics, motion control searches, and edge storage, reducing cost and complexity


For more information about the Meraki Remote Work Campaign, contact your Ingram Micro Account Manager today. Our CMSP Experts will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about Cisco Meraki Products or the Cisco CMSP Program.

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