What is Cisco CX?

Qu’est-ce que l’expérience client ? Selon Forrester « une stratégie CX doit servir de feuille de route pour actualiser, réaliser et évaluer les progrès accomplis vis-à-vis des objectifs axés sur le client de l’entreprise ».
Ingram Micro est là pour vous guider tout au long du processus. De la qualification au profit – profitez de cette nouvelle façon de vendre
Comprendre Cisco CX

Nous avons rédigé ce guide pour vous aider à comprendre et à réaliser la valeur de cette nouvelle approche de la vente – l'expérience client.


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renewal rates for partners with adoption services

Why Customer Experience?

Customers are increasingly moving to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and recurring offers to enable their digital transformation.

These offers hold tremendous value for customers, because you don’t need the same up-front investment typical hardware-led solutions require. That means customers can accelerate innovation, reduce risk, and achieve better business outcomes faster. It also means customers are more likely to abandon a vendor or partner if their business outcomes are not realised.

This makes a focus on customer experience critical to succeeding in a SaaS/recurring revenue world. It also presents tremendous opportunity for us to help customers achieve their business outcomes together, by delivering value-added services after the initial purchase.

Opportunity throughout the Lifecycle

To take full advantage of the software, SaaS, and services opportunity, deep technical expertise is absolutely critical. By working with Ingram Micro, who hold the Cisco Customer Experience Specialisation, we can enable partners to strengthen their portfolio and extend their capabilities to land and expand opportunities.

Our dedicated customer success practice has the right people, tools, processes and infrastructure to best support end customer organisations throughout the lifecycle using the technology, professional services and ongoing support that our partners provide. Using a proven methodology to engage the customer’s business units and IT team, our Customer Success team ensures that business outcomes can be delivered and measured throughout the engagement, demonstrating a successful engagement and maximising ROI.

Benefits to Partners
  • Aid customer retention – ensure a great customer experience & build long-term relationships
  • Drive recurring annuity business – renewal becomes automatic resulting in predictable revenue streams
  • Win more business – understand what a customer wants to achieve and deliver associated professional services
  • Drive end user consumption – in line with Cisco’s focus as a software vendor
  • Keeps an ongoing dialogue with the customer
  • 100% channel focus only, no conflict of interest
  • Identify additional revenue streams - licensing, adoption services, PS, MS, increasing footprint
  • Multi-vendor – market awareness and expertise of multivendor challenges
  • Increase chance of increased revenue bookings up to 15% higher
  • Partners investing in a lifecycle practice have a 2x higher growth for recurring business (CX and software)
Benefits to End Users
  • Increase speed to adopt new capabilities - accelerate success
  • Use technology to drive operational efficiency
  • Maximise ROI – use all solution features
  • Leverage external expertise – to give clarity around business drivers
  • Peace of mind – that technology investments will deliver desired business outcomes
Cisco CX Lifecycle

The Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is the perceived value customers place on Cisco products, services and support throughout the lifecycle.

  • need

    Customer identifies solutions needed to achieve business goals

  • evaluate

    Customer researches and evaluates Cisco (and other) solutions

  • select

    Customer selects desired Cisco solutions

  • align

    Cisco sales and support teams engage with the customer to ensure alignment on objectives

  • purchase

    Customer buys selected Cisco solutions

  • onboard

    Customer becomes familiar with solution features

  • implement

    Customer deploys the Cisco solutions and integrates with existing infrastructure

  • use

    Customer starts consuming the Cisco solutions to achieve business outcomes

  • engage

    Customer realises value from and becomes engaged with the Cisco solutions

  • adopt

    Customer increasingly adopts and uses the various features

  • optimise

    Customer discovers unexpected value in solution that exceeds original exceptions

  • renew

    Customer is satisfied with the Cisco CX and renews existing contracts

  • renew

    Customer is satisfied with the Cisco CX and renews existing contracts

  • recommend

    Customer upgrades to next tier or buys additional vendor offerings or partner solutions, including managed services

  • advocate

    Customer buys additional Cisco licenses, upgrades to next tier and buys new Cisco solutions

  • expand

    Partner accelerates business through technology upgrades and selling new Cisco solutions

Why Ingram Micro CX?
Ingram Micro UK announced Winners of CRN Service Provider of the Year 2020
History & Channel Experience
  • The leading distributor in Technology solutions
  • Multi-Vendor Approach – The Cisco CX practise is built upon and tested adoption expertise leveraging best practice outcomes from other SW vendors which Ingram have been working with for many years
  • Broad and Deep channel awareness
Industrial Awards & Certifications
  • CRN Service Provider of the Year 2020
  • ISO Certified

ISO 9001- Quality Management

ISO 14001- Environmental Management

ISO 20000 - IT Service Management

ISO 22301- Business Continuity

ISO 27001- Information Security Management

Our People
  • Friendly, professional, CX Accredited teams including CX Heads, Customer Services Managers and Renewals Manager
Tools & Capabilities
  • CX identification and tracking
  • Forecastable CX business using Ingram tools as well as API plug-ins to identify CX opportunities
Delivery Expertise
  • Cisco Gold Partner Status
Partner-Centric Approach
  • flyHigher mentoring for Partners
  • Trust X Alliance
  • 100% Channel focussed. Never target the end-user directly
  • Aimed at building long-term Partner relationship and enablement
Ingram Micro Services

Ingram Micro Services are designed with you in increase customer confidence, loyalty and in turn, grow revenue through continual engagement

  • End-to-end support across the whole sales, product and services lifecycle to grow revenues and strengthen customer engagements
  • Account Manager ownership solution design, business development through to awareness & enablement
  • Vendor alignment and early buy-in
  • Value-add services to strengthen your portfolio & meeting your customers needs Vendor engagement and early buy in
  • Value-add services to strengthen your portfolio & meeting your customers needs
  • Solution design, Evangelising & Strategy Workshops

  • Demonstrations, POC & Pilots

  • Business Development Insights

  • Professional Services

  • Managed & Maintenance Services

  • Financing

  • Packaged Services Available to White Label

  • MaaS (Marketing-as-a-Service)


Software & Services

We deliver a complete solution with our partners. Contact your Ingram Micro CX Team to learn more or get started today.
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