New Cisco Business Mobile App and Cisco Business 220 Series Smart Switches

The Cisco Business portfolio of network devices and software are purpose built for the growing needs of SMBs. Today, we are thrilled to introduce two new products to the Cisco Business family.



New Cisco Business Mobile App (Available in Apple Appstore from June 15th)


Mobile App feature highlights

  • Set up the local network in minutes
  • Gain network insights like connected clients and application usage
  • Identify network issues in minutes, and troubleshoot the problem
  • Supports:
    • Cisco Business 220, 250 and 350 series switches
    • Cisco Business 140 and 240 series wireless access points and mesh extenders
  • Android version on Roadmap

Cisco Business 220 series smart switches to take back share from Ubiquiti Unifi Switch (Orderable now!)

The Cisco Business 220 Series are simple and affordable smart switches for business-class networks. With mobile app support, Cisco Business Dashboard, and multiple PoE+ options, CBS220 delivers a robust network within budget constraints.


Download datasheet: CBS220CBS250

Cisco Business 350 series new model introduction (Orderable now!)


The Cisco Business 350 series switches deliver 2.5G, 5G or 10G speeds with optional 60W PoE at affordable prices to help small businesses take advantage of the latest wireless technologies with maximum performance.


Download datasheet: CBS350

With a comprehensive portfolio and intuitive user experience, Cisco Business Switches provide solid building blocks for any small business network.

To learn more about Cisco Business switches



To learn more about the new Cisco Business mobile app, visit the mobile app home page.

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