Gold Certification

Grow your brand and profitability 

Become a Gold Certified partner to access extra discounts, rebates, rewards, and more. By becoming a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, you will discover value within the Internet of Everything. You’ll engage in new business conversations. You’ll encounter new opportunities to expand your services and solutions, and you can become more profitable along the way.

Deliver more value to customers 

Customers want a partner who address a range of solutions to help them achieve their business outcomes. So they need a partner who can address a vast range of concerns and deliver on their numerous needs. When you become a Gold Certified partner, customers will recognize you for your broad knowledge of Cisco products, services and software. You’ll explore new lines of business and can earn more incentives. 

Why become Gold Certified 

New opportunities for growth: 

  • Obtain the highest certification baseline up-front discount and rebates you can use to reinvest in your business. 
  • Grow profits with software solutions and expand your reach 
  • Create new recurring revenue streams with software and service subscriptions 

The recognition you deserve: 

  • Cisco sales teams know and recognize the value of a Gold Certified Partner 
  • Show your customers you have a breadth of knowledge across all of our architectures 
  • You’ll showcase this highest level of brand 

Certification Requirements

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