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Malware Protection


As malware attacks increase, traditional security defences are no longer sufficient to protect your customers’ organisations. Advanced Malware Protection is critical, but how do you choose the right solution? 

To be effective, malware protection must be as pervasive and advanced as the malware it is designed to combat, from the cloud to the network to the endpoint.

Not only can it prevent breaches, but it also gives your customer the visibility and control to rapidly detect, contain, and remediate threats if they evade front-line defences—all cost-effectively and without impacting operational efficiency.

Capitalise on Cisco’s Security Everywhere Strategy with AMP: Upsell an AMP subscription to Cisco customers who have the following products: Cloud

Select the right Malware Protection for your customer:

AMP for Networks: Visibility and control to protect against highly sophisticated, targeted, zero-day, and persistent advanced malware threats across multiple threat vectors.

AMP for Endpoints: Protect endpoints, whether connected to a protected network or roaming on the Internet, with continuous and integrated detection and response capability.

AMP Private Cloud Virtual Appliance: Malware protection on endpoints and networks with an on-premise solution built specifically for organisations with high-privacy requirements that restrict using a public cloud.

AMP on ASA with FirePOWER Services: AMP is part of the FirePOWER Services subscription for the Cisco ASA 5500-X product family.

AMP for Cisco Web Security Appliance: Address evolving attack vectors with AMP as a licensed add-on to your customers’ Cisco Web Security appliance.

The question is not if an organisation will be breached. The question is when.

Here are some sobering facts:

  • 33% of organisations take over 2 years to detect a breach

  • 54% of breaches remain undiscovered for months

  • 60% of an organisation’s data is stolen within hours of an attack

Data Sheets and Literature

AMP for Networks

AMP for Endpoints

AMP Private Cloud

AMP Thread Grid Appliance

AMP Thread Grid Cloud

Managed Threat Defense



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