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Wireless networks up and running in less than 10 minutes

Uses 802.11ac Wave 2, the latest wireless LAN technology on the market

The affordable wireless networking solution

Embeds a virtual WLAN controller into access points at no extra cost

Cisco® Mobility Express Solution

Supports Cisco’s industry-leading features with no price premium

Manages small and midsize networks of other access points per virtual controller deployed

Eases Wi-Fi setup and management at sites with limited IT staff

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) can be added to boost customer


Cisco Mobility Express Solution allows your customers to keep up-to-date with the constant advances in Wi-Fi and mobile use. It’s simple to deploy and configure, meaning your customers could have their wireless networks running in just 10 minutes, with a simple over-the-air configuration interface. Combining a virtual wireless LAN controller with Cisco Aireonet access points, which support 802.11ac Wave 2, you know your customers are getting the latest wireless LAN technology on the market.

Cisco Mobility Express is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations, and is designed to assist businesses with few to no IT staff. The solution is perfect for businesses who have little wireless or networking expertise, but need to manage a high-speed wireless network, with up to 100 access points.

Cisco Mobility Express offers:

Fast IT – Your customers can deploy wireless networking in minutes with a simple, streamlined workflow that uses Cisco on-premises and cloud-managed best practices.

Enterprise Features – Advanced WLAN controller capabilities and access point functionality are available without the need for physical controller appliance.

Investment protections – Customers can quickly and easily scale by transitioning to controller based model when needed without replacing access points. Cisco Mobility Express is one of the most cost-effective, competitively priced solutions for small to medium-sizes businesses, and supports older technology, such as end-of-life switches, which are not designed for mobility or 82.11n deployments, reducing the need for your customers to refresh their technology. 

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