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Cisco Umbrella and Meraki
Cross Sell

Untill the end of July 

To encourage you to sell this combination together, we would like to reward our partners until the end of July. Place an Umbrella and Meraki order at Ingram Micro for a chance to win summer gifts including a barbecue, butcher and garden center vouchers. Be among the top with the highest order value and have a chance! The winners will receive a message.

Why Cisco Umbrella and Meraki


Meraki & Umbrella provide simple and effective protection for both corporate and guest Wi-Fi networks. Cisco Meraki offers a 100% Cloud Managed wireless access point for faster deployment, simplified administration and greater visibility.


Cisco Umbrella offers a secure internet gateway that is also managed 100% from the Cloud. It provides the first layer of protection against threats on the Internet, regardless of whether or not your employees are connected to the corporate network.

Benefits of Umbrella & Meraki


• Integration of 2 Cloud solutions in your Meraki dashboard

• No additional hardware required for Umbrella implementation

• Protect all users of your Meraki network against malware, ransomware in just a few minutes

• You can directly protect any user, application and device, whether or not they are connected to the Meraki network. 

• Meraki access point will automatically forward DNS traffic to Umbrella troubleshooters. This ensures that all devices and users are protected by Umbrella

More information

Please contact us for more information:


Ralph Dijcks
Cisco Security Specialist

Terms and Conditions

- Orders must be invoiced in June or July

- Only Umbrella & Meraki orders count

- The top 8 highest orders are winning

- Winners will be contacted by Ingram Micro

- You are responsible for the tax settlement of the incentive