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Increase your business with Cisco Security

Ingram Micro assists IT partners to sell more Cisco Security to existing and new clients.


By offering sales and marketing support and providing access to an extended workforce of IT Security experts.


To help you introduce Cisco to your market, we've created a Security Scan to turn security insights into business opportunities.


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Why Cisco Security? 


1. All-in-one Security Solution

Cisco Security provides solutions in all

security-stages. Before, during

and after a security attack.

2. Local Support

In cooperation with Cisco, Ingram Micro offers you local sales and marketing support.

Varying from pre-sales assitance to marketing material and sales promotions.

3. IT Security Experts

As a partner of Ingram Micro and Cisco

you will have acces to a team of local

IT expert. Providing you with the latest

security knowledge and technical

pre-sales support.

Generate leads with the free Security Scan

Approach your clients pro-actively by using the free Security Scan.

Using the Security Scan makes it possible to discover security threats within a few steps.

The outcomes will help you to start an in-depth conversation with your clients and find new business opportunties.

Let your security business grow!


The Security scan, also known as Public Discovery Testing (PDR) is a free service offered by Ingram Micro to reveal public security risks to organizations. Hackers use information online to cause damage within companies. This security scan shows on which topics extra attention and security is required.


This scan is the first step in our security portfolio to help partners to provide security services to your customers as well as use it as a mechanism to generate additional income.


Get Started

Total Solution

You probably are familiar with selling and implementing IT solutions, even with selling Cisco, but what about Cisco Security?


Ingram Micro supports Cisco partners to easily sell Cisco Security. Providing Sales and marketing support, IT Training

and offering access to a team of IT Security experts.

Always up-to-date

Our team of IT Security experts don’t only provide you with advise or pre-sales support. They also operate as an extended workforce of your organization, so you don’t have to hire expensive resources.


Besides our experts are available to train you employees, providing them the latest IT Security knowledge.



Is Cisco Security applicable in the SMB market?


Definitely, Cisco offers an extensive portfolio of SMB solutions. See here for more information.


Is the security scan / Public Discovery Test the only scan which Ingram Micro offers?


No, Ingram Micro offers a diversity of security scans. The first step in our portfolio is the Public Discovery Test. Examples of more advanced tests are vulnerability assessment and a variety of pen testing. 


Is Cisco difficult or expensive?


The Cisco security solutions are easy to adopt and user friendly. Cisco offers a lot of resources regarding Sales, Marketing and Technical to help you increase your knowledge level. The usage of the solutions will lower TCO, for instance by significantly reducing the amount of tickets at the ServiceDesk.



How long does it take before I can sell Cisco Security solutions?


You can start selling Cisco security solutions from the moment you are a registered partner. Ingram Micro supports you by offering the right solutions. Obtaining more in depth knowledge of the different solutions is a matter of investing hours in the Cisco knowledge databases.


How can I become a Cisco partner?


Visit here to become a Cisco partner. To be able to sell Cisco products and services you’ll need to become a Registered partner. Our advice is to become a Cisco Select partner. Advantages are price protection, the ability of deal registration and the usage of additional discount.

Ready to let your Security Business grow?

Add Cisco security to your portfolio and use the Security Scan to attrack business opportunities. Generate new clients and increase your current revenue.

Approach your clients pro-actively with the Security Scan and easily become an IT Security specilist!


Request Free Security Scan:


Aanvraag Gratis Security Scan



For more information about our Security offer and Free Scan, contact Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.


Contact us now




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