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Email & Web Security


Cisco email and web security solutions provide layered security with multiple walls and weapons that protect against threats.


Effective protection against email-transported threats requires an informed vision of the threat landscape. That means bringing to bear a global threat perspective and an email protection infrastructure that responds rapidly.

Cloud-based intelligence, combined with real-time analytics, is essential to generating zero-day responses. Cisco Email Security delivers inbound protection and outbound threat control through advanced threat intelligence and a layered approach to security including URL Categorisation and Reputation Filtering, Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Outbreak Filters and Advanced Malware Protection.

Deployment options: Appliance, Virtual Appliance, Cloud-based (managed or co-managed), Hybrid (on-premise appliance + Cloud)

Email Security Appliance – compare models
Email Security Appliance – data sheets and literature

Try and Buy Program for Cisco Email and Web Security

Order a Cisco Email and Web security solution for your customer to try free for 90 days and if they decide not to buy, simply return the hardware.

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The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing. But it’s also insecure. How do you protect your customers’ environment while also allowing social media and web applications? We believe that one solution isn’t enough. You need a variety of protections against today’s fast-evolving cyber threats. But that introduces complexity to your customers’ IT environment, right?

Not with a Web Security solution from Cisco: advanced threat defence, advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, insightful reporting, and secure mobility - Cisco Web Security combines all of these forms of protection and more in a single, tightly integrated solution.

Deployment options: Appliance, Virtual Appliance, Cloud-based

Web Security Appliance – Compare Models


Email and Web Security 45-Day Virtual Evaluation

Cisco Email and Web Security products protect more than 20 percent of the world’s largest enterprises and 8 of the 10 largest Internet service providers in the world. Let your customers take advantage of this 45-day free virtual trial for Cisco Web Security, Email security, and Cloud Web Security solutions.

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