Net Pricing Announcement

Your Cisco Net Price FAQs answered

The Cisco Net Price initiative illustrates Cisco’s commitment to simplifying the quoting and ordering process, including the transactional process for distribution partners and 2T (two-tier) channel partners.

Cisco Net Price changes—frequently asked questions

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1. What do I need to be aware of with the launch of Cisco Net Price on Day 1?

2. If I have a DART that’s not expired, can I still use it when Net Price goes live?

3. Do I need to manage line level identifiers (i.e., Magic Keys) on my PO?

4. If I have a CCW-R quote with SMS dollar-based SKUs on it, can I still order it after the go live date?

5. Will I be able to co-term new services in CCW?

6. Can I continue to co-term any duration-based SKUs on my CCW-R quote?

7. What can I expect when I start ordering all enterprise SKUs?



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