Introducing the Frequent Buyer Club

Ingram Micro's exclusive loyalty program designed to reward our Partners as they grow their Cisco business with us.

Join today to earn your first 50 miles!


What is the Frequent Buyer Club?

The Frequent Buyer Club is Ingram Micro's exclusive loyalty program for our most active Partners. This unique program is built to reward Partners for doing business with us.

Who can join “The Club”?

All Ingram Micro Partners within eligible countries* can join our exclusive loyalty program by registering any number of accounts.

How it works…

  1. Buy products from the current Frequent Buyer Club Campaigns

  2. Once the campaign has finished, the main account will automatically earn the miles from all purchases

  3. Exchange the club miles for amazing gifts!

How to join...

It's simple, just follow our three easy steps:

  1. Go to the Frequent Buyer Club website and click on REGISTER

  2. Fill out the form and review and accept the Terms and Conditions

  3. Once registered you will receive an email confirmation to finalise your registration by completing all your details

Begin your Frequent Buyer journey…

Join the Frequent Buyer Club today to earn 50 miles…


Frequent Buyer Club Campaign types

Helping you earn points as you grow your Cisco business with us

Article Campaign

Partners can earn miles for each purchase of the participating products.

Target Campaign

Partners can either win a specific prize or a fixed amount of miles when reaching the specific campaign sales target(s).

Frequent Buyer Club campaigns

Club User Accounts

You can register any number of users. Once registered, you need to select one main account which will hold all earnings and the ability to spend them. All other users will be set as secondary accounts with access to the program without being able to hold earnings or make purchases.

Still unsure?

Here is why you should join…

  1. Our fully automated club is quick and easy to join using our 3 simple steps.

  2. It's completely free of charge for our Partners!

  3. The more you buy the more you will be rewarded.

  4. The Frequent Buyer Club loyalty program is eligible with any other Ingram Micro or vendor programs, promotions or discounts without any restrictions.

Need to know more?

Download our guide to read all the Frequent Buyer Club details...


What are you waiting for?

It has never been a better time to join the Frequent Buyer Club. Join today and earn your first 50 miles!


*Eligible countries: all of Western, Central and Eastern European countries.

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