Add an additional layer of security to Microsoft 365 with

Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense

With flexible working now encouraging more business to move to native cloud mail services such as Microsoft 365, Partners have a huge opportunity to leverage this market and make simple sales by offering customers additional layers of security, all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month.


Email is the number one threat vector to businesses.1


Microsoft 365 is the second most targeted brand in phishing attacks1


of Microsoft 365 customers will supplement their security with third-party solutions by 20232

Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense brings new email security capabilities

  • Visibility

    Scans all inbound, outbound and internal email

  • Simplicity

    Easy to deploy, configure and manage

  • Integration

    With Microsoft 365

  • Intelligent

    Diversified, up-to-date info on threats with TALOS, built-in!

From the 3rd April 2021, Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense has single seat orderability, making enterprise-level protection accessible to smaller businesses!

Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense FREE TRIAL

Help customers experience the benefits of adding an extra layer of security to their Microsoft 365 mail system with no risk!

  • Fully functioning in 5 minutes
  • No changes to mail flow or DNS
  • No operational risk
  • Track all messages (including internal)

2. FBI IDC report 2019. | 2OpenPhish.

1. Gartner, Market Guide for Email Security, Peter Firstbrook, Neil Wynne, June 6, 2019.

Why Cloud for Email Security?

Help customers take control of their native cloud mailbox (including internal email) and enrich their incident response investigations with Cisco Cloud Managed Defense.

Cisco Cloud Managed Defense is packed with features to help bring Cisco threat intelligence as close to your customers mailbox as possible.

  • Simplify mail administration with easy searching
  • Enrich incident response with features such as conversation tracking and trajectory
  • All product features are built on top of open APIs that can be leveraged in detection and triage infrastructure.
  • Support mail gateway with internal visibility
  • No MX record changes
  • All messages are scanned in MS cloud
  • Metadata sent directly to Cloud Mailbox
  • Mail attachments stay in MS cloud (optional)

Talos Threat Intelligence Built-In.

Talos continually scans for new attacks, dangerous URLs, malware and spoofs to deliver rapid actionable threat intelligence that is shared across the entire Cisco product range. Talos ensures your customers’ security services are best equipped to take action. Once Talos detects a threat anywhere within the Cisco ecosystem, it is blocked everywhere.

Talos can now be leveraged directly within Azure meaning scanning engines and API calls are made directly from Azure, allowing all message content to stay within Microsoft’s cloud. When the scanning is complete, the verdicts and metadata are indexed in the Cloud Mailbox Defense but without the message content.

Intelligent defence against cyber threat

One of the largest threat intelligence teams filled with world-class experts including researchers, analysts and engineers to help protect your customers.


Contact your Ingram Micro Account Manager to find out more about supplementing your customers’ native cloud mail with Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense today!

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