Why Cisco for Hybrid Work?

Get Hybrid Work working for you with
Cisco's solutions and services

Drive long-term growth and increase revenue with Ingram Micro's expertise of Cisco's portfolio of Hybrid Work solutions. Increase your customer's ability to drive productivity, resilience and agility wherever and whenever needed.

Cisco empowers

Secure Collaboration Secure Collaboration Enhanced Visibility Enhanced Visibility Secure Access Secure Access




rank hybrid working

as a top 3 priority

In today's world, work is not where you go, it's what you do.

From networking and devices to security and collaboration, Hybrid Work is here to stay. Help your customers redefine what work means by:

  • Improving their work/life balance and increasing productivity

  • Creating more inclusive workspaces, fit for the future

  • Making collaboration effortless

  • Retaining existing talent with reliable and flexible solutions

  • Attracting better, more diverse talent from off-site, non-traditional candidates

Only Cisco makes Hybrid Work work

Leverage Ingram Micro's expertise to give your SMB customers a complete and secure solution for hybrid working.

Cisco have the breadth of portfolio and an interoperable ecosystem that provide positive hybrid work experiences at affordable prices, that scale with growth.

Zero-trust access to every application with multi-factor authentication

Personalised hot-desk spaces and Quiet Rooms to enhance collaboration

Endpoint security with emails protected against threats

Collaboration services integrated with home/office infrastructure

Infrastructure that connects across all vendor technology

Cloud security to all devices to enforce a centralised security policy

Cisco Hybrid Work solution

With Cisco collaboration applications and accessories employees can work from anywhere.

Work in the office

Transform officeS into collaboration centres

Cisco Spaces

Cisco catalyst

Smart Workspaces

Hot desk
  • Cisco Desk Camera
  • Cisco Desk Hub + Dock
Quiet room
  • Cisco Desk
  • Cisco Desk Pro
Huddle rooms
  • Cisco Room-Bar or Board
  • Cisco Room Navigator
  • Cisco Room K/Plus
  • Table Microphones
  • Cisco Room Navigator
Work from home

Create parity for remote workers

Routing and security

Cisco Meraki Z3

MX Router

MR Access Point

MG Gateway

Cisco CG113 ISR 1102


Cisco Camera, Desk Series (Mini, Desk, DeskPro)

Cisco Headset + Dock

Work anywhere

Remove friction to expand the workforce

Hybrid Work Software Offer

Seamless, secure and collaborative work experiences that adapt to specific needs

Cisco UMBRELLA Thousand eyes
Meraki sm Anyconnect
End user agent Secure endpoint

Remote Access

Cisco SD-WAN Remote Access

Rethink. Reduce. Recycle.

Discover how Cisco and Ingram Micro are helping Partners drive profitability by positioning sustainability in the circular economy

Smart business leaders know that sustainability combined with hybrid working is a gateway to efficiency, innovation, and competitive differentiation.

Moving to a SaaS model helps customers get closer to their net-zero goals, meet corporate social responsibility needs and saves money.


Discover how Cisco and Ingram Micro are helping Partners drive profitability


Turn your SMB customers into Hybrid SMBs

Discover the solutions you can use to land and expand your way through the Cisco portfolio

Generate pipeline by accelerating your existing Cisco customer base with a suite of cross architecture solutions that power Hybrid Work.


Introduce the benefits of Hybrid Work to your customers. Help growing startups and SMBs by enabling their staff and enhancing their workspaces

Start with…

  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Cisco Duo
  • Webex App
  • Cisco Headsets
  • Cisco Desk Camera

Modernise your customers workplace and help them evolve to become a truly Hybrid SMB

Grow with…

  • AnyConnect
  • Cisco Secure Email
  • Secure Endpoint
  • Cisco Wired Infrastructure
  • Cisco Wireless Infrastructure


  • Expand revenue potential and increase deal size

    See a 10x increase in your professional services when you sell to line of business by pulling together multiple Cisco solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Modular, pre-packaged, and ready-to-transact hybrid work solutions to complement existing offerings.

  • Simplified pricing and deal approvals

    Pre-defined, approved pricing, and discounting for the software package, office workspaces, and home kits.

  • Simplified quoting

    Pre-populated bill of materials, customisable for customer specific needs for workspaces and home kits.

Boost your Cisco Business with Recurrent Revenue

Become the first-in-class trusted advisor to your customer while boosting your recurring revenue and profitability.


Catapult your customers’ loyalty with SaaS and be assured that their business needs are continuously met, meaning profitable repeat business.


Ingram Micro are Cisco specialists

Ingram Micro can help you take advantage of the opportunities that Hybrid Work presents to your customers. Learn to tailor end-to-end technology solutions and help address industry-specific challenges.

  • Understand Cisco technology, take solutions to market and sell them effectively to your customers

  • Access exclusive rewards, incentives and promotional pricing to help reach your sales targets

  • Training and certification support to expand your Cisco knowledge and skills

  • Pre-sales & post-sales support, to help with pricing, configuration, technical support and customer service

  • Help to access and get the most from a range of marketing and sales enablement tools

  • Build successful long-term business around Cisco technology and grow your revenue and profitability with Ingram Micro

Position yourself as a Cisco Hybrid Work expert

Speak to your Ingram Micro Account Manager

Discover opportunities to grow your business by selling Hybrid Work through the Cisco portfolio

Nobody makes hybrid work, work better.

Empower your team at home, in the office, or anywhere with Cisco and Ingram Micro.

The Power
of Finance
Boost revenue while helping customers finance to acquire Cisco solutions

Discover the range of Ingram Micro and Cisco Financial Solutions to help customers start their financing journey, boosting cash-flow and opening credit lines and make technology investment affordable.


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