• Icon We make selling Cisco simple
    We make selling Cisco simple

    It’s a journey together to grow your Cisco sales and profitability. We’re here however and whenever you need us to help you achieve and maintain specialisations and statuses to maximise benefits.

  • Icon Together we’re better
    Together we’re better

    Ingram Micro has always, and will always support our partners with passion and respect and a commitment to match your ambition.

  • Icon We are your Cisco geeks
    We are your Cisco geeks

    The technology market is always evolving. We are constantly innovating to connect the right products to the best solutions creating value no other distributor can match.

  • Icon Committed to your growth
    Committed to your growth

    Long term planning or proactive problem solving, our experts are committed to your individual business growth. We are on hand to support you with advice, meaningful benefits and training to simplify all things Cisco.

  • Icon Make more. Sell more. Get more
    Make more. Sell more. Get more

    We truly believe in rewarding achievements whether is sales success or empowering your teams to ‘be more Cisco’

The benefits of flying with us

Sales StageflyHigher Benefit
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Then Profile
Premium Profiled
And Upgrade
Learning and Skills
  • Access to flyHigher Passport

    Cisco, channel specific video modules to simplify and generate more business and become more profitable

  • Pre-certification coaching
Help to sell
  • Acceda a contenido premium y específico para resellers para aumentar las ventas y la rentabilidad de las oportunidades de Cisco

    Los activos incluyen:

    • Guías de ventas/llamadas
    • Manejo de objeciones
    • Battle cards
    • Contenido de campaña para usuarios finales
  • Se el primero en comercializar con oportunidades y promociones en sus arquitecturas de Cisco

    Acceso a las últimas campañas de soluciones y herramientas de formación, descuentos y promociones de Cisco e Ingram disponibles

  • Herramientas de generación de demanda

    Contenido de marketing de marca para socios seleccionados y para socios comerciales, generación de clientes potenciales adicional financiada por Cisco.

  • Soporte RFP & Análisis BOM

    <ul> <li>Ahorra tiempo en la investigación, creando y respondiendo RFP y RFI. ¡Pasa menos tiempo escribiendo y más tiempo vendiendo!</li> <li>Acceso a una biblioteca de plantillas por arquitectura de Cisco</li> <li>2 días/cuarto de apoyo</li> </ul>

  • Cisco funded lead generation

  • 2 days per Quarter

Improving face to face interactions
  • Briefings virtuales

    <ul> <li>Un solo cliente o multi-cliente con 2-3 temas (adaptados a las necesidades del cliente) y demostración virtual opcional</li> <li>2 sesiones informativas por trimestre</li> </ul>

  • Demostraciones de productos virtuales
    • Una amplia selección de ofertas para complementar los debates
    • 2 demostraciones de productos por trimestre
  • Talleres virtuales
    • Sesiones prácticas específicas y "Cómo"
  • 2 Briefings per Quarter

  • 2 Briefings per Quarter

Making the sale
  • Formación técnica en remoto & mitigar las ventajas de los competidores
    • 3 días por trimestre
  • Evaluaciones de infraestructura
    • 2 Cajas negras técnicas gratuitas para el usuario final de Ciberseguridad
  • 3 Days per Quarter

  • 2 Technical Black Box per Quarter

What our passengers say

  • flyHigher is the first partner program that I have come across that really breaks down the opportunities from Cisco and makes it easy to understand what the benefits are to my customers AND us as resellers. It gives me everything I need to generate leads, handle the more difficult questions, up sell as well as increasing profitability on any deal.
  • We used to fulfil Cisco orders through another distibutor but with the rapid evolution of our business they just weren’t forward thinking enough to grow with us. Ingram have been a breath of fresh air and the vast support the flyHigher site give us with the latest promotions and opportunities, as well as the how-to videos and Cisco Select upgrade, my job has become far easier (with bigger commissions!)

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