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Events and Training

Cisco Remote Webinars Featured Image

Cisco Remote Webinars

Apr 20 2020 - Apr 21 2020

We live in unprecedented times. Cisco offers you all the possible help and support during this period. This includes organizing virtual training courses. Do you want to use your time at home to keep your knowledge up to date? 

Umbrella & Meraki: a match made in the cloud | Webinar June 26 Featured Image

Umbrella & Meraki: a match made in the cloud | Webinar June 26

Jun 26 2020

Join us on the interactive webinar on the combination of Umbrella and Meraki: a match made in the cloud!

Cisco Services Webinar Featured Image

Cisco Services Webinar

Jul 29 2020

On July 2, you will be updated on the Cisco TPV (Total Partner View) program and the Cisco Ice Breaker Report during a webinar given by our Services Specialist. These tools can have a major impact on increasing your sales and Cisco discounts.

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