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Cisco Capital

Count on Cisco Capital to help your customers acquire Cisco technologies.

Cisco are uniquely positioned to provide the most competitive and flexible financing to help your customers acquire Cisco technologies. Our financing solutions give customers the freedom to invest in the technologies that will help them realise their business goals, now and in the future.

Customers can focus on investing in the infrastructure that best meets their needs, with unrivalled terms achieved through the financial power of Cisco. Financing helps you increase deal size, build stronger customer relationships – that secure sales now and in the future – and sustain discount levels.


Customers want a smarter approach to buying


Your customers want to know not only what to buy but how to buy. Financing with Cisco Capital provides five great benefits:

1.    Easier budget management with flexible payment options linked to cash flow or usage.
2.    Cash preservation freeing up capital to spend on other business priorities.
3.    Best use of available funds with options for on-and-off balance sheet funding.
4.    Accelerated IT projects customers can get what they need sooner to run their business more efficiently.
5.    Up-to-date technology without a large cash investment, as they can easily upgrade and refresh equipment as needed.


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On how to profit from financing, contact your Cisco Capital Financial Solutions Manager or click here.

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