Unlock more opportunities and boost your profitability
by adding easylease 0% to your customer proposals.

Your customers need the best technology to compete in today’s digital world.

Finance is a critical factor that directly affects a customer’s ability to make the right investment decisions, in the right time frame. With Ingram Micro, you can now offer your customers easylease 0% financing on Cisco hardware, software, services and third-party solutions- giving you key benefits:

Differentiate your offering

Increase your deal size

Preserve your discount levels and your margin

Build deeper long term relationships with your customers

Close more new business faster

Earn a rebate by closing your Cisco deals with easylease

When assessing financing options, organisations say the most important factors are:

  • To reduce total cost of ownership
  • Flexibility to manage budgets
  • Accelerate technology adoption

Cisco easylease provides all these benefits and more.

Use the Cisco Build and Price tools to help calculate, position and sell easylease 0% to your customers

Offer a 36 month payment plan Cisco purchase from €1,000 to €325k. At end of term, customer have the option to return the equipment at no cost or pay 1% of the total contract value to take full ownership.

*For all deals from +€1,000 and funded with easylease 0% financing

To claim your rebate, follow these steps:

  1. You need to first assign a Rebate Coordinator to the EASYLEASE PARTNER INCENTIVE PROGRAM, who will manage the payout through the Cisco Global EasyPay Platform.
  2. You need to have Partner Admin access. Go to www.cisco.com/go/pss (partner self-service) to request admin access. If you already have Partner Admin access, ignore this step.
  3. Go to www.cisco.com/go/ppe and log in. Note: the site works best when using Chrome as a browser.
  4. Select the tab ‘Eligible Programs’ and search for the program ‘EMEAR easylease partner incentive program’ and enroll.
  5. Book a minimum of 5 Cisco deals with easylease, with a combined value of at least $150,000 during FY21 to cash in your rebate.

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