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Find everything you need to know regarding Cisco support contracts. Discover the importance of Ingram Micro’s true value-add but made simple…
Ingram Micro’s Value-Add

Combine the power of Cisco Services technology with the wrap around tailored support that Ingram Micro can offer.

With more than 25+ Years Cisco Services knowledge within one of the largest Service divisions in the Channel, who are dedicated to simplifying and ensuring you are purchasing the best level of support and not missing out on anything – ensuring you show as the trusted advisor to your customer by keeping them compliant.

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Always beat the competition by having the ability to support your customers with Global Services in countries that the UK channel cannot cover as a standard option.

If your customer decides migration is not an option for them right now…. Don’t worry our Ingram Micro Lifecycle Services range of contracts can cover your customer until they decide the time to upgrade is here.

See how we can add even more value using our IMCovered program


faster issue resolution


personnel hours saved

reduced inventory management

The benefits of Cisco Services

Adding Cisco Services as part of a complete solution enhances your customer interaction beyond a product sales relationship. It extends the length of your overall engagement with customers and positions you for additional up-sell and/or cross-sales opportunities over the life of the engagement.

Benefits to Partners
Win Additional Hardware & Software Business

Develop more complex solutions through upsell/cross-sell opportunities and increase your long term revenue

Recurrent Revenue

Help build predictable and profitable revenue streams

Relationship Building

Enhance your customer satisfaction and loyalty

Benefits to Customers
Resolve Problems Faster

Identify issues quickly and streamline incident management processes to improve IT service levels


Improve visibility into the state of IT infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Latest operating system updates and patches

Increase Operational Efficiency

Get access to management tools and automated processes

Choose the right Support Contract for your Customers
Smart Net Total Care

Business continuity is key in the technology industry. By having direct access to Cisco experts and extensive resources for peace of mind with Cisco technology.

  • Identify and resolve problems quickly
  • Mitigate risk before it happens
  • Stay compliant
  • Be secure and operate at peak performance
  • Decrease downtime
  • 24/7 365 days a year support
Solution Support

Be solution focused rather than product focused. Our strategy is to create IT environments that are made up of 50% Cisco solutions, and the rest complimented by multi vendor products.

  • Up to 24/7 TAC assistance
  • Cisco agents on hand to investigate and analyse any risk potential
  • Have the right cover in place to ensure customers install site is secure
Partner Shared Support

By having a 24/7 IT help desk and being credited to sell Partner Shared Support (PSS), you have the ability to purchase this level of support. Higher discount levels at point of sale from Cisco / Distribution by being able to act as that first layer to your customer.

Advanced & Technical Services

Designated expert engineers on an 8x5 basis will act as the primary technical support for network critical cases. They will give confidence to customer with Cisco technical representation in regular scheduled conference calls.

Technical Services deliver critical insight into network operations that helps improve and strengthen performance as well as smart actionable intelligence to increase operational efficiency.

The warranty included with Cisco products protects the customer in case of hardware defects.

However, many customers and partners commonly mistake warranty coverage is all that they need as they do not understand where it ends.

Cisco Support Services
Equipment Covered
All with some minor equipment exclusions
Renewable contracts
Standard hardware and software 90 days
Hardware Replacement Options
24x7x2 hrs
24x7x4 hrs
8x5x4 hrs
8x5 NBD
Replacement (10 days)
Operating System Updates
Yes, updates within licensed feature set
Cisco TAC Support
Onsite Engineer Option
Only with onsite access
Registered Access to Cisco.com
24x7 full access
Smart Services Diagnostics & Alerts
It is easier to maintain and grow your existing customer, then it is to find a new one!

Renewals should be our bread and butter. You have done the hard work already, why not ensure it renews on time too?

Ensure you achieve a continuous stream of recurring revenue and profitability and the best possible rebate earning potential, whilst keeping your customer loyalty growing at each step of the way… and don’t forget your customers key benefits of:

  1. Keeping the network up and running
  2. Increase return of investment
  3. Manage total cost of ownership
  4. Maintain a competitive advantage
  5. Maintain business credibility and continuity
Help their customers think about their long-term needs

The promotions enable eligible Cisco Resellers to target their services renewals while offering our partners the opportunity to bring them in at a discounted rate, and give your customers the opportunity to have peace of mind and network coverage for up to four more years.

The promotion is live until the end of Cisco’s fiscal year

The promotion provides Resellers with competitive discounts of a minimum of 50% for 3 and 5 year contracts

Making Cisco simple with PXP

PXP is designed to simplify the business activity and the relationship Channel Partners have with Cisco. They can plan and renew deals, view incentives and certification information, and even collaborate with fellow Cisco Partners.

Take full advantage of all the tools Cisco has to offer, to simplify operations through relevant and actionable insights, manage rebates, learnings, discover top renewals and attach opportunities, all to help grow your Cisco business.

Learn how you navigate and get the most from PXP



Software & Services

Speak to your Ingram Micro designated support team to help navigate, automate and enhance your recurrent Cisco business through Cisco Services.
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