Cisco Umbrella uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud, the solution is easy to deploy and provides customers with powerful protection, no matter where their users work.

of malware use DNS in attacks

of organisations don’t monitor their DNS


$100-$200 Billion global losses could have been prevented by DNS

What sets Umbrella apart?

Broadest coverage of malicious destinations and files

Fastest and most reliable cloud infrastructure

Easiest connect-to-cloud deployment

Most open platform for integration

Most predictive intelligence to stop threats earlier


Integrated cloud security service benefits:

Flexible security protection on and off the network with Talos intelligence

Consistent policies across remote locations

Better performance everywhere users work


    Cisco Umbrella uses DNS, a core component of the internet’s infrastructure, to stop threats over all ports and protocols.


    Instead of proxying all web traffic, Cisco Umbrella delivers effective protection without reducing performance.


    Even if devices become infected in other ways, Cisco Umbrella prevents connections to attacker’s servers.


    Cisco Umbrella analyses data to identify patterns, detect anomalies and create models to predict if a domain or IP is likely malicious to automatically correlate data and block attacks.


    By using URL and file reputation scores to block malicious content, customers benefit from daily analysis of millions of malware samples and terabytes of data.


    Implement powerful security without operational complexity to help customers protect all network devices.


    Increase visibility into internet activity across all locations and users.


    Gain visibility into cloud applications used across the business.

Discover the right Cisco Umbrella package for organisations of all sizes

Ingram Micro are able to offer your customers different Cisco Umbrella packages to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Some packages can also be integrated with Cisco SD-WAN implementation to provide a combination of performance, security and flexibility.

What’s included:

  • Includes core DNS-layer security to block requests malicious domains
  • Gain off-network protection and mobile support
  • Access to Cisco Umbrella’s APIs (policy, reporting and enforcing), log exporting, the multi-org console, integration with Cisco Threat Response and identity-based policies (virtual appliance + Active Directory connector)
  • Provides discovery and blocking of shadow IT (by domain) with the App Discovery report

What’s included:

All capabilities of DNS Security Essentials


  • Enables organisations to proxy risky domains for URL blocking and file inspection using AV engines and Cisco AMP
  • Offers unmatched threat intelligence in the Investigate console and on-demand enrichment API
  • IP-Layer enforcement request that bypass DNS

What’s included:

All capabilities of DNS Security Advantage package


  • Access to a secure web gateway (full proxy), cloud-delivered firewall, sandbox file analysis with Cisco Threat Grid and cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality

“It’s very important for a sizeable company like Intesa Sanpaolo to not only be intrinsically secure but also protect its strong brand for the rest of the world to see.”

Davide Grangia, Cybersecurity Architect, Intesa Sanpaolo

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Help your customers maintain an effective security platform with solutions to fit their required level of security

Cisco Umbrella DNS

Protection both before and during the attack.

  • Helps improve security visibility
  • Detects compromised systems
  • Protects users on and off the network by stopping threats before they reach the network or endpoints

Cisco Umbrella DNSSEC

DNSSEC uses cryptographic signatures to prove both validity of the answer and identity of the signer.

  • An extra step of validation
  • Uses cryptographic signatures to prove the validity of the answer and identity of the signer

Discover how the performance of the Cisco cloud security solutions checked out against their competitors in the DNS-Layer Protection Test performed by AV-Test GmbH


Now available also for Android!

Cisco Umbrella now enables your customers with managed Android devices (v6.0.1. or higher) to extend DNS-layer protection to corporate users anywhere they access the internet, even cellular networks and Wi-Fi.


Connect distributed teams seamlessly by leveraging cloud secure networking with Ingram Micro and Cisco SASE today!

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